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I recently released a new website called “Goldsworthy Creations” to accompany my designer label (read about it’s announcement here).

To build this website I used the static site generator hugo and my own custom theme called hugo creations, which I’m announcing here.

When embarking on a new project, it is best practice to search around and see who else has faced the same problem and perhaps has already published a solution;
I knew I wanted to use Hugo given my previous familiarity with it, but when I looked at the existing themes, nothing matched what I had in mind.

I wanted a site that would showcase my works in a cross between a portfolio and a storefront.
I would not actually sell the patterns there however, they would just link to the actual store page, but would be a nice interface for people to view my works and read about them.

Given my requirements and no existing solution that satisfied me, I started to make my own theme.

Currently hugo-creations has the following neat features:

  • Tags
  • Client-side search (using pagefind)
  • Per-item image gallery
  • Front-page showcase / spotlight
  • Reactive to different screen sizes and orientations (tailwind CSS)
  • and more

This theme is free to use but is provided AS IS.
Suggestions for improvement are welcomed but not guaranteed.

Kieran Goldsworthy
Kieran Goldsworthy
Cloud Engineer and Architect

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